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Chrissy Dukiet has played many roles in her life; as we can all relate to, yet one thing in particular, has never faded, not even once.

If you know her personally, you already know what I am about to say...her fabulous style! What I really mean, is most of us out there, simply cannot just throw on clothes, and look as good as she does. I give her the credit, I mean she's gorgeous, fun and thoughtful...

(ugh, I know right) (winky face emoji with kiss)

But for over a decade, I have seen her in each of these roles. Now realizing, that we are all just trying to do the the best we can be, and when all else fails, pour a glass of wine! 

the difference?

she just looks way better doing it

I'm sure that made you laugh, but seriously, the woman somehow still looks stunning after a round of tennis. 



that she is finally, blessing us all with her secret!

Chrissy has talent, a true gift...and yes, she's beautiful on the inside, but you don't need to know her to see that...she knows exactly, how to adorn her style, making her feel her absolute best self, illuminating every door she walks through. 

Chrissy Adorns her style; I adore her!

The best part; Adorn keeps it chic, stylish, & simple.

Adornments don't play games, they won't make you feel like you're trying too hard, or walking like a Christmas Tree! From earrings to signature bracelets; from unique ponchos (that I can't find anywhere else) to simple faux furs...

I promise you;

Adorn yourself

& you'll feel amazing! 





Raleigh. North Carolina

Cary  Apex  Holly Springs

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